Partners & Campaigns

2021 -2022 Partner Organizations & Leadership Development Cohort  

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Charlotte, North Carolina

2021-2022 Campaign: Teaching in Color

Facilitating policy change in North Carolina School Districts to recruit, support, and retain quality teachers of color, and adopt books and curriculum that represent culturally diverse backgrounds, and promote student understanding of racial equity.  

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Birmingham, Alabama

2021-2022 Campaign: Good Soil

Students may not be old enough to vote, but as the folks who are directly experiencing the outcomes of voting and budgeting in their community, we can prepare them to become active advocates for their communities.


Durham, North Carolina

2021-2022 Campaign: La Nuestra Comunidad

We believe that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution, yet many of the unique barriers to opportunity facing Latinx families in North Carolina go largely undiscussed at decision-making tables. We are connecting with community members to learn more about Nuestra Comunidad, and the dreams of Latinx families across the region.

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Waterloo, Iowa

2021-2022 Campaign: Youth-Led Participatory Action Research

Elevating disparities in the current policies that dictate gifted and talented student selection and dual credit course allocations to give Black students equitable access to high-quality learning.

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Washington, DC

2021-2022 Campaign: Community Voice: Equity in New Jersey Public Schools 

Creating a significant digital library that prioritizes the experiences of Black and Brown students, educators, and families. The data from this catalog of voices is a resource that both validates and confirms the importance of advocating for policy changes that directly decrease and eliminate the educational disparities in the New Jersey Public School system.


New York, New York

2021-2022 Campaign: Mothers in the Middle

Changing the narratives of one of the most common household types in urban. cities across the country are essential to undoing years of policies that do not serve those communities. The stories that reside at the intersection of Black Single Motherhood and the American School System impact communities as a whole and through this autobiographical project we are bringing those stories to  the forefront.