Studies show that ALL children- across every social identity, perform at higher rates when they are taught by an educator of color. For Black students, having even just one Black teacher can increase their academic success by nearly 40%. When students have access to great educators who encourage their development through rigorous and affirming curriculum they gain a foundation for becoming informed and engaged change makers! So, where are all the teachers of color?

CREED- NC launched their #TeachingInColor Campaign to harness the power of storytelling and facilitate policy change in North Carolina School Districts. By collaborating with educators, parents, and students, they are able to collect stories that address the real and present experiences that impact communities and develop relevant calls to action for districts leaders. The goal of this campaign is to elevate the policies that will lead to high quality recruitment, support and retention of Teachers of Color, and the adoption of books and curriculum that represents culturally diverse backgrounds and promotes student understanding of the value in establishing racial equity.


Meet Jerry Wilson, Director of Policy and Advocacy for CREED- NC. As an educator, researcher, and advocate, Jerry is committed to making learning environments productive and welcoming for all students. Check out the video below where he shares some of his experiences as a student and educator and an invitation to be a part of the movement for equity in education!

Ready to learn more?

Check out “Deep Rooted: A Brief History of Race and Education” and “E(race)ing Inequities: The State of Racial Equity in North Carolina Public Schools” to learn about the experiences of students and educators of color present in North Carolina Public Schools.

Reading is fundamental to changing the state of education, but that's just the start! Check out this helpful guide on how to use the reports and collection of stories to engage your community today!

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